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Wheelchair and Hearing Impaired Information and Contact Form

*Please note that all requests are subject to scheduling and availability.

Our company wants to ensure that we provide the best experience possible to all of our customers.  In order to provide that experience, we sometimes need a little notice so we may be fully prepared to offer services required to ensure this experience.   Below you will find information for customers who need wheelchair access for the tour, as well as information about requesting a sign language interpreter for the tour.  Please let us know if you have an additional need that is not covered below, and we will do our best to assist you in any way that we can.  

Wheels Friendly Tours

All tours have wheelchair friendly routes available.  Please contact us prior to the tour by phone or using the contact form below and we will ensure that we take the wheels friendly route that night.   Please keep in mind, that while remaining wheels friendly, we are not accountable for the condition of the routes we will be using which include both city roads and crosswalks.  In some cases the path may be bumpy or uneven.  Being an outdoor walking tour, we do not have storage to house complimentary wheelchairs, but in some cases there may be local rental agencies.  These agencies often change, but we have found that airports and other transpiration services have the most up to date recommendations for these services.  

Sign Language Interpreter Requests

For those needing assistance using a sign language interpreter, we want you to interact with our tours completely, and in order to assure this, we do need time to secure an interpreter.  Once we have the completed information for the requests, please allow up to 3 weeks in advance for us to find and secure the right person to interpret the tour.  For requests that are not made 3 weeks in advance, we will do our best to secure an interpreter, but cannot guarantee availability.  Requests for interpreters may be made by phone or using the contact form below.  We have interpreters we use in the area, but if you have one you recommend or prefer, please include their information and we will consider them as well.  In many cases customers request to bring a friend or family member to interpret the tour for them.  In this case we provide a complementary ticket for the friend or family member to attend the tour and interpret for you or your group.  This is normally the quicker option, but as space is limited for the tours and in some cases caped by the city, we will need to make sure we have adequate notice to ensure that we have the additional space on the tour.   

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